Sunday, 23 September 2012

Variable Data

When information is created and targeted specifically for an individual, they will ultimately give a better response. Variable Data printing can make sure the message conforms to the audience. Variable Data is the process of changing information from document to document within a single print run. There are several ways this can be achieved.

One way is through Mail Merging which is using a different name and address for each piece. One of the most specific uses of Variable Data though is through Personalisation. Using words and photos you can create a piece that is "personalized" for an individual. Produce a letter to an individual using their name, their photo and information pertaining only to them. Another example is; a resort that offers multiple amenities, can directly target special interests to various individuals or groups. The resort can target them by creating a personalised brochure for each individual or family with their special amenities interests - enticing them to return. If you have 100 customers, all with specialised interests, you can personalise all 100 brochures in a single print run.
The capabilities are endless with Variable Data. With a little imagination, good consumer knowledge, and a correct customer database file, you can produce a more marketable piece.

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