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Personalised Printing

Why are companies around the world using Personalised Printing?
Companies all around the world are using Personalised Printing (also known as Variable Data Printing) and One-to-One Marketing to refine their marketing approach, driving down long-term spending and improving customer satisfaction and repeat sales.  In a nutshell, they are getting a better return on their investment for their marketing spending. This service is available to you at Media Design and Print, one of the leading digital print companies in Belfast.

Some of the key, core marketing objectives for which companies are using Personalised Printing  include:
  • Improved  Quality and Increased Quantity of Sales Leads
  • Driving Direct Orders
  • Improving Traffic Generation
  • Gathering More Specific Client Data
  • True Loyalty Campaigns
  • Client Acquisition, Retention, & Renewal

What is Personalised Printing?
Personalised Printing uses data that you already have about your customers or prospects and places customer-specific text and graphics into a page layout created especially for your project. Each printed version is customised, containing unique information directed at a particular recipient.
Utilising industry leading image personalisation software, Media Design and Print let you target your direct marketing campaigns like never before.

Do I need a lot of detail on my contact list to benefit from personalised print run?
No. You'll be amazed at what we can do with even the most basic data like a name and address. We can thread the contact's name throughout the content and even include a map that directs them to your office, store, or event from their location.

Why is Personalised Printing and One-to-One Marketing so successful?
With the content of each mail piece specific to each recipient, you can be sure that, when they see your correspondence, it will be immediately relevant, sparking interest, and increasing response rates.  Developing an ongoing conversation with your customers & contacts, personalised marketing helps you:
  • Create one-to-one dialogue with your audience
  • Cut through the clutter and hold your target’s attention with variable images and customised graphics and messages
  • Foster loyal relationships with relevant, personal communications
  • Integrate tracking mechanisms in your campaign
  • Adjust future messaging and offers based on past results
Personalised direct mail campaigns provide uniquely individualised messages that generate attention, heightened response rates (often over 35%), improved brand recognition, and substantial increases of return on investment.


Why use Media Design and Print?
Gone are the days of wastage and lost opportunity where direct marketing was restricted to printing thousands of the same leaflet, possibly personalised with a name and address, and hoping that some of them hit the mark.  Working with your data list, Media Design and Print can target your audiences and individualise items using personalisation elements such as name and address to captivate your audience.

When running a personalised print campaign with Media Design and Print, you will work with a company who can produce exactly what you need, meeting exacting print deadlines every time, with quality paramount and importantly, within your budget requirements.

Image personalisation specialists
With Media Design and Print on your team, personalisation of images is limited only to your imagination.  We can do anything from incorporating personal names and numbers on letters of introduction to invitations or even t-shirts - all printed using that latest digital print technique by a company that cares.

Like out catch-line says, "We Love To Print".

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