Saturday, 11 May 2013

Still launching new innovations

At Media Design and Print we're continuing our trend of providing new ways of doing things.

The launch of our new sticky labels website is the latest development in our quest to make buying print as easy as going to the corner shop for a bag of crisps. The step-by-step process is so easy to use, a child could place an online order.

Perfect for small quantities, at you can order sticky labels for birthday parties, stag/hen parties, and just about any other function you can think of. You can have your labels printed on a range of materials and have them cut to any shape, no matter how intricate.

The site has been purposely designed for smartphones and tablets, as well as your desktop pc, meaning you can take a photograph from your mobile device and upload it into your order to get those special pics put into print at a few taps of the screen.

For the month of May we're giving 25% OFF all orders placed online, so what are you waiting for?

You can of course still order from our standard boxed range of off-the-shelf PCL labels at

Invoice Books
Another new innovation this month sees us producing invoice books and pads in a staggeringly quick 2 day turnaround. We've always produced duplicate/triplicate NCR books and pads but the addition of new software and production methods means that we can now supply them in only 2 days from order!

You can have them printed black print only or in glorious full colour. Made into books or pads, all our books come numbered as standard and are ready for collection in 2 days, nobody does them as quickly as that!

So that's it for the moment. Give our new LoadzaLabels site a try or continue to visit us at Media Design and Print. You are of course welcome to give us a call, our friendly team of specialists are always happy to speak to you if you're worried about any aspect of your project.

See you soon.

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